Nicky Coser is a professional cosplayer and KOL. "In the past, I was just an ordinary office worker, but because I love animation very much and want to become my favorite animation character, I started to contact Cosplay about 4-5 years ago." Nicky Coser talked about her activities. "Activities, I fell in love with playing cosplay as As soon as I played it, just like the heroine of the animation "My Dress-Up Darling", she is so addicted to cosplay that she can't break free, and because of this incident,

I don't have enough time, which affects my work life and interpersonal relationships, but because my Cosplay path has a little success and a little income at first, although my family does not agree, I finally quit my job and dedicated myself to cosplay business. There's no guarantee, but so far I haven't regretted taking this path." Nicky Coser told how life is. "Life is short, and I really hope that in my life I can do what I want to do. I don't want to work part-time until I get old and regret it." In the cosplay market in Hong Kong Nicky told. "I was one of the first cosplayers who used patreon to earn money. Although not everyone was optimistic about me at first, after a while, many famous Hong Kong cosplayers also used Patreon to operate. At the peak, I can earn around $10,000 usd in a month". Profiles Instagram / @iamnickycoser Facebook/ @nickycospaly Twitter/ @ip_nicky Patreon / Onlyfans /